93: life in appalachia

Photos and Story by daniel owen

With the United States’ economy nearly in full recovery following the greatest economic collapse since the Great Depression, portions of the country have been seemingly left behind in the wake as deterioration of infrastructure and the collapse of industry have left many areas without jobs or a means to rebuild. Ohio State Route 93 travels through the heart of southeastern Ohio's poorest communities, which have seen a decline in industry over the past several decades and the spread of a drug epidemic due to the economic instability. 

93: Life in Appalachia is a photo essay, which delves into the daily lives, culture and environment of the people living along this small, two-lane road as it makes its way from the Hocking Hills region southward to the old railroad town of Ironton, on the Ohio River. These towns, once thriving with coal, iron, timber and salt industries, are now plagued with extreme poverty, high unemployment and cultural isolation.